Income Tax Return

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E -filling is now made Easy with RELAXFORTAX. You are Just a mail or Whatsapp text
away from getting your return done with 100% accuracy and prompt response.
You can e-file your returns within 24 hours.

Tax Consultancy

At RELAXFORTAX, along with preparing your return ,we also provide you the  BEST TAX CONSULTANCY. You have TAX Questions, we have a SOLUTION for it. Just Post
the Queries and BEST Solution will be

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Investment Advisory Services

Why PAY MORE TAX when you can SAVE and GROW that money. Invest your Money
in Well Diversified Portfolios including investment in Mutual Funds, SIP or ELSS
which not only save your tax but also make you FINANCIALLY secured

Business Support Services

You just concentrate on your  Business Development and left all other ancillary things on us.

PAN Application and Status

Refund Status

GST Registration, GSTIN

GST Return(Composition)

Legal documents